Grade Level: 1 /2
Michelle Curtiss (97-98 YLP)


Children's Books:

Berger, Melvin. See, Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell. 1993. Newbridge Communications, Inc. NY. (ISBN: 1-56784-009-4)

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Suzuki, David. Looking at Senses. 1991. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. US. (ISBN: 0-471-54751-4)

Teacher Resources:

Berger, Gilda. Teaching Guide: See, Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell. 1993. Newbridge Early Science Program.

Martin, Paul D. Messengers to the Brain: Our Fantastic Five Senses. 1988. National Geographic Society. Washington, D.C. ISBN: 0-87044-499-9.

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Internet Resources:

Lessons and activities for Kindergarten:

Lessons and activities for Second grade:

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