Lesson Plan Five: Sense of Smell and The Nose

Lesson Topic/Subject: The nose/Science and Art
Grade Level: 1 /2
Michelle Curtiss


This lesson will work better if both parts of the lesson are demonstrated first, and then divide the class into two groups. The students know what they have to do, and for the most part will be able to work on their own. After both groups have completed the two parts of the lesson, bring the class back together for a final discussion about the sense of smell and the nose.


  1. Students will use their sense of smell to help identify five different fruits and then draw a picture of the fruit. Knowledge.
  2. Students will create their own picture, then add spices for scent.


  1. Five film canisters with holes in lid, number canisters
  2. Slices of banana, lemon, apple, watermelon and orange
  3. 24 copies of smelling test worksheet
  4. Crayons
  5. White paper and colored construction paper
  6. Glue
  7. Spices (in "shaker" containers)


  1. Ask the students what our noses are for. What smells do you like? Dislike? What things smell good? Bad?
  2. Demonstrate Part I and Part II to the students so that they understand what they have to do.

Part I:

  1. Before class, place slices of fruit into film canisters and number the canisters. Make sure there are holes in the lids for smelling.
  2. Have students smell the canisters and try to identify what the fruit is.
  3. Tell students to draw a picture of the fruit that they identified in the numbered space on the worksheet.

Part II:

  1. Tell students to draw and color a picture.
  2. Outline their picture with glue.
  3. Help students sprinkle different spices on their pictures.
  4. Let pictures dry.
  5. Bring both groups back together and have a final discussion about the sense of smell and the nose.

Evaluation of student learning:

  1. Were the students able to use their sense of smell to identity the different fruits?
  2. Did the students put time and effort into their "smelly" pictures?

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