Lesson Plan Two: Sense of Sight and The Eye

Lesson Topic/Subject: The eye/Science
Grade Level: 1 /2
Michelle Curtiss


  1. Students will label main parts of the eye as a class. Knowledge.
  2. Students will describe the function of the main parts of the eye.
  3. Students will explore the eye by using the eye model. Application.
  4. Students will review the eye parts and functions while studying the eye model.


  1. Eye Gate Media filmstrip on the eye
  2. Eye poster
  3. 24 copies of the eye worksheet to label parts
  4. clipboards
  5. pencils
  6. eye model
  7. resource books


  1. Review parts of the brain: cerebrum, cerebellum, and brain stem. Discuss functions of the three parts.
  2. Ask students: What allows us to see? Explain why sight is one of our senses. Why do we need to see? Are two eyes better than one? Why? Tell students to cover one eye. Ask question again.
  3. Watch filmstrip on the eye. Tell students to find three things they did not know to share after the filmstrip.
  4. Ask students what are some things they learned from the filmstrip. Write on chart in front of class.
  5. Pass out eye worksheet to label as a group. Pass out clipboards and pencils. Put eye poster in front for all students to see.
  6. Label eye worksheet together. Ask students first if they can remember part. Then discuss function of part. Write down the eye parts name on worksheet. Wait for the students to do the same on their worksheet.
  7. Tell students to color parts of eye like the poster in the front of the classroom.
  8. While students finish up worksheet (or do the next day for review), ask four to six students to sit on the carpet. Use eye model to review parts and functions. Let the students explore the model: let them take it apart, identify parts, discuss functions, ask questions.

Evaluation of student learning:

  1. Did the students participate in labeling the eye as a class? Did all the students pay attention and label their worksheet?
  2. Did the students understand the functions of the eye parts? Did they contribute to the discussion?
  3. In the small groups, did the students remember the eye parts and functions? Could they point out the parts on the eye model? (When the children are in small group, I will be able to assess the studentís learning individually by asking specific questions about the eye parts or the functions.)

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