Grade Level: 1 /2
Michelle Curtiss (97-98 YLP)


In evaluating this unit, I believe that I have been successful in fulfilling the requirements, accomplished the goals of the unit as a whole, and specifically meeting the objectives of the lessons I have taught. I taught the second lesson on the sense of sight and the eye, co-taught with my cooperating teacher the third lesson on hearing and the ear, and I taught the last culminating activity.

All of the lessons that I taught were successful. The five senses and the sensory organs provide students with curiosity and interest. I believe that my enthusiasm to learn and inquire about the sense motivated the students to participate. The hands-on exploration increased the studentís understanding of the five senses. The students realized that their senses help them respond to the world they live in.

My cooperating teacher observed and took notes about the second lesson of the mini-unit that I taught. (I included a copy of her notes, but I tried to make her notes more clear by writing more details about what we discussed after the lesson.) She thought that it was good to do the quick review of the brain, and then ask inquiring questions about the eye. She suggested that before the filmstrip I should ask the students to find three things they did not know about the filmstrip. My cooperating teacher also thought that I did a good job of managing the childrenís behavior during the filmstrip, and reminding them to listen carefully and to sit up.

After the filmstrip, my cooperating teacher thought that my explanations were very appropriate, and that I used clear and appropriate language when we discussed and labeled the eye. She reminded me to not allow the students to sharpen pencils, and to remind the students to raise their hands. My cooperating teacher thought that many students had great questions, and she was pleased to see that we took the time to find answers in the resource books. She also stated that some of the students had a difficult time of reading the letters and words when we were labeling the parts of the eye. Some of the first graders do not know all of their lower case letters, and it would have been more helpful if I labeled the eye in all capital letters. But she felt that this should have been something that she realized earlier. She also thought the small group review was wonderful because the students were very interested in the eye model, and it was really helpful to use. Overall, my cooperating teacher thought the lesson went very well. She agreed that my objectives were met, and that I should be satisfied at how successful the lesson went.

I particularly enjoyed the culminating activity that allowed the students to really explore using only one sense at a time. The focus on one sense allowed them to realize the importance of each sense individually, and the power each sense possesses. The activity also ties all of the lessons of the mini-unit together. The students are able to express what they have learned about their senses through inquiry.

My supervisor also thought the culminating activity was well planned and organized. (I also included a copy of my supervisorís observations.) She felt that the activity was extremely motivating and interesting that captured the studentís attention, perhaps due to my high level of enthusiasm. My supervisor stated that the various activities were clearly explained, and that the rotation and transitions between the stations were smooth.

Overall, I am pleased with my mini-unit. After looking back through all that I have planned, I have realized that I included several activities in just one lesson plan. I could have easily just selected one of the activities for the lesson, and perhaps I should have to save time and energy. However, I believe that my time was well spent, and that I was successful in achieving the main goals of both the mini-unit and also the broader unit of the body.

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