Grade Level: 2nd Grade
Teacher of Lesson: Ms. Caravia

Other Activities

*Different ways to bind (From the book Book Craft by Henry Pluckrose)

*Learning about famous libraries around the country:

Related Activities:

  1. Read the book The Inside-Outside Book of Libraries by Roxie Munro and Julie Cummings
  2. Learn that the word library comes from the Latin word liber, for book.
  3. Discussion on Andrew Heiskell's Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
  4. Students design their own library
    A- Where would the library be?
    B- What types of books would be in the library?
    C- What other materials would the library have?
    D- Who would be allowed to check out books?
    E- When is the library open?

*Students write their own rhyming poems about books

  1. Read to the students poems from the book Good Books, Good Times!
  2. Point out the different formats of the poems
  3. Have the students choose one format and write about their favorite book or any aspect of making books
  4. Look to Poetry Alive! for writing suggestions

*Mini-Book on Butterflies or Insects (review of the science unit)

*Thanksgiving Activities:

  1. 'Happiness Is': Distribute old magazines, scissors, paste, and large sheets of paper to each child. Encourage children to look through the magazines to find pictures of things that make them happy or thankful. They can cut out the pictures and paste them on the background paper to make a collage. When the collages are finished, ask children to jot down some words and phrases that describe some of the pictured objects and how they inspire happiness. Invite children to use the words and phrases to write a

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