Lesson Topic: ABC Book--Animal Theme
Grade Level: 2nd Grade
Teacher of Lesson: Ms. Caravia
Approximate time of lesson: 45 minutes (3 days)
Date of Lessons: November 13, 18-19


  1. Students will practice the letters of the alphabet by learning about different animals that begin with every letter (Knowledge).
  2. Students will identify many types of animals by exploring them through books, magazines, and discussion (Analysis).
  3. Students will present new animals to the class by making an animal-themed class ABC book (Application).


  1. Books on Animals
  2. Construction paper
  3. Writing paper
  4. Pencils, markers, crayons, etc.
  5. Glue
  6. Book Binding Materials
  7. Page markers


  1. Have the students browse through different animal books and magazines. Brainstorm and write the names of animals on the chalkboard that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Make sure that every example that is given has a page marker in it so that the students that are assigned that animal will find the information easily.
  2. Assign the students each a specific letter of the alphabet. Some students might be assigned two letters (those who are fast workers).
  3. Each student will write a paragraph about their animal and draw an illustration to go with it.
  4. Give the students a piece of writing paper for them to write down different facts and/or descriptions about their animal.
  5. Once the students have found facts about their animal ( Give the student a piece of writing paper (8 1/2" x 11") that has lines on the bottom and room for an illustration on the top for them to start writing their paragraphs.
  6. At the top of each page, make sure that the students write:
    A is for ________________________ .
  7. After the writings are done, they can draw the pictures of the animals.
  8. Once their writing and illustration is completed, the students can glue this onto a piece of construction paper.
  9. Those students that finish early can work on describing another animal, or they can help make the book cover of the book.
  10. Laminate the cover and bind the book.
  11. Read the book together as a class. Have each child read the page that they wrote.

Evaluation of Students' Learning:

  1. Ask the students about their animals. Do they seem to know a lot of information without having their resources right in front of them?
  2. Observe the students as they are working. Are they researching the information or writing what they know already about the animals? Encourage them to find 'new' information.
  3. Observe the students as they draw their animals. Do they seem to add details to their animal or do they just draw from memory?

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