Lesson Topic: Creative Writing: Halloween Theme
Grade Level:
2nd grade
Teacher of Lesson:
Ms. Caravia
Approximate Time of Lesson:
1 hour


  1. The students will become more acquainted with the Book-making unit by listening to a book about 'authors' (Knowledge).
  2. The students will identify practice incorporating the different aspects of a story (character, setting, plot, etc...) into their own seasonal story after reviewing these aspects(Knowledge).
  3. The students will practice their writing abilities and begin brainstorming for story topics (Application).
  4. The students will create the first story that will go into their books (Synthesis).


  1. What Do Authors Do, by Eileen Christelow
  2. Writing paper
  3. Pumpkin diagram
  4. Pencils
  5. Crayons


  1. Read the book What Do Authors Do to the class to further get them acquainted with the book writing unit.
  2. Discuss the role of the author.
  3. Review character, setting, plot, conflict, climax, and resolution.
  4. Have the students create their own 'Pumpkin' story rough draft. Make sure that the story has a name and the students have a name for their pumpkins. Write on the board:
    This Halloween I carved a Pumpkin. It was not an ordinary pumpkin, but it was a very special pumpkin because...
  5. Make sure that their 'Pumpkins' is the main character of their story.
  6. When the students are done with their writings, have them start drawing what their pumpkin looks like while you are proofreading their work.
  7. Once the work is proofreaded, conference with the students about their work.
  8. The students can make any changes and write the final draft.
  9. When completed, the stories and pictures can be put into the 'seasonal' chapter of their books.


*The assessment is done while the teacher conferences with the students. Are the students pleased with their writings? Are they capable of making changes (do they make changes)? Have the students incorporated characters, setting, plot, etc...into their stories?

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