Lesson Plan

Lesson Topic/Subject: The Size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Teacher of Lesson: Emily Maki


The students will learn about the size and physical characteristics of Tyrannosaurus Rex.



After reading the book Tyrannosaurus , by Angela Sheehan, use chart paper to record information that the children remember about the T-Rex (size, physical characteristics, habitat, etc.)

Then tell the children that T-Rex is a lot larger than we can imagine, so the paleontologists need to investigate how long he was. Show the children the tooth pattern and tell them that his teeth were that long.

Use the chart to help children measure how many teeth it will take to measure his body (see worksheet).

Have the children line up the teeth to actually see the size. The children can also take turns lying beside the lined up teeth to compare how tall they are to the different parts of the T-Rex's body.

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