Lesson Plan

Lesson Topic/Subject: Introduction to Dinosaurs
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Teacher of Lesson: Emily Maki


The students will realize that dinosaurs were named because of certain characteristics they have



Read Story of Dinosaurs and have the children make up names for the animals based on an example from the teacher (duck-a-saurus because he has a bill like a duck).

Have children's names and meanings matted on colorful construction paper. Tell the children that all of their names mean something. Call each child up individually and tell child their name meaning. Have the child tape it up on the butcher paper.

Tell the children that dinosaurs' names also mean something and they were given their name because of something that made them look different than the other dinosaurs.

Have the children guess who the "thunder lizard", "terrible lizard", "three horned face", and "plated lizard" are and post their name and meaning beneath the pictures of each dinosaur.

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