Lesson Plan

Lesson Topic/Subject: Math Patterns
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Teacher of Lesson: Emily Maki
Approximate Time: 30 minutes


  1. Students will use kinesthetic movement to perform the ABBABBABBA pattern (through clapping and slapping).
  2. Students will be able to cut and paste an ABBABBABBA pattern.


  1. 20 Strips of white paper
  2. Example
  3. 80 green dinosaur cut outs
  4. 160 blue dinosaur cut outs
  5. glue
  6. pencils


  1. The students will gather on the carpet and the children will describe what the little pictures are (dinosaurs).
  2. The students will look at the example and will say green, blue, blue, green, blue, blue, green, blue, blue, etc.
  3. The students will slap their legs for the blue dinosaurs and will clap for the green dinosaurs while looking at the pre- made example.
  4. Students will do the kinesthetic movement along with speaking the corresponding colors.
  5. Students will return to their seats where their white strips are already taped to their desks and cut out dinosaurs are in piles on their tables.
  6. The children will first set their pattern up and then raise their hand so the teacher can check their pattern before gluing.
  7. When the children are finished, volunteers will come to the front of the class with their pattern on display as they lead the class with claps and slaps.


  1. Children will follow along verbally and kinesthetically as the dinosaurs are pointed to while the children are pointed out on the example to show knowledge of association with color, movement, and pattern.
  2. Children will be able to create their pattern on their strips with the color coded dinosaurs.


  1. How did the activity go?
  2. What part of the activities need revisions?
  3. Is any reteaching necessary?

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