Lesson Plans

Lesson Topic/Subject: Introduction to Paleontologists
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Teacher of Lesson: Emily Maki
Approximate Time: 40 minutes


  1. Students will know what paleontologists are and what their job is.
  2. Students will know what fossils are and say names of different dinosaurs.
  3. Students will spell "paleontologist".


  1. Digging Up Dinosaurs, Aliki
  2. Paleontologist Letter Cards - in kit
  3. Letter Cards - created by teacher
  4. Paleontologist student activity sheet
  5. scissors
  6. glue


  1. Gather children on carpet and ask them to guess what we are going to be talking about by asking leading questions.
  2. Talk about the special people who study dinosaurs (paleontologists).
  3. While reading Digging up Dinosaurs , ask the children what a fossil, paleontologist, dinosaur, and extinct mean.
  4. Students should see the word paleontologist on the chalkboard and we should then pass out the letter cards for the children to line up the letters in the correct order.
  5. Pass out worksheet that has the tools and letters. Go through the letters and see what tools a paleontologist uses by circling and crossing out pictures. Have children color in pictures that are tools of the paleontologist.
  6. Refer children back to how the word is spelled out on the board and show children that there are the same letters on their sheet to cut out. Have children cut out and line up on their sheets and then glue onto sheet.

Evaluation of student learning:

  1. Children will be able to answer questions as they are asked as the story is read: about paleontologists and dinosaurs.
  2. Children will be able to successfully spell paleontologist with the pre-made letters.
  3. Children will be able to successfully complete worksheet about paleontology in which they will find the correct tools for a paleontologist.


  1. How did the activity go?
  2. What part of the activities need revisions?
  3. Is any reteaching necessary?

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