Lesson Plan

Lesson Topic/Subject: Camouflage the Dinosaur
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Teacher of Lesson: Emily Maki


Students will become aware of the relationships dinosaurs had to their surroundings. Students will draw or trace a dinosaur and camouflage the dinosaur to blend in with its surroundings.



Explain the idea of camouflage and why certain animals need it. Tell the children that some dinosaurs needed this to survive and they are going to draw dinosaurs that are camouflaged in their home.

The students can either draw their own dinosaur or trace a template on the colored pieces of paper. They can then cut it out.

The student should then glue their dinosaur onto the white paper and they can use their crayons to draw the dinosaur. The children can draw vegetation, volcanoes, water, hills and other dinosaurs, but the dinosaur should be camouflaged by something that is the same color so it will blend in with its environment.

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