Lesson-Topic: Cornbread and Butter
Grade Level: Kindergarten - November 25, 1997
Teacher of Lesson: Barrie Wexler
Approximate Time: 1-2 hours.


  1. Children will think about how their lives would have been different if they had to do all the cooking and meal preparation for the family.
  2. Children will demonstrate understanding of Thanksgiving story order and be able to recognize how significant the Indians were to the Pilgrims survival.
  3. Students will begin to see how cooking directions are similar to story order.
    -ordinal numbers, first, second, next, last, etc..
  4. Students will use fine and large motor skills during adding of ingredients-pour, mix, break eggs.
  5. Students will sit at table in art corner, listen to directions, wait patiently for their turn and share job tasks with one another.


  1. Sarah Morton's Day by Kate Walters
  2. Cornbread
    1. small milk container- 1/3 cup of milk per recipe
    2. 4-5 eggs
    3. 1/3 measuring cup
    4. Large bowl
    5. Wooden metal spoon
    6. 25 cup cake holders
    7. 2 cup cake metal tins
    8. oven
    9. Paper towels
    10. 30 plastic spoons
  3. Butter
    1. 2 plastic screw lid jars. ex. mayonnaise jar.
    2. 1 container of heavy whipping cream
    3. 1 teaspoon of salt if desired.
    4. knife


  1. Wiggle song- remind children of behavior in classroom
  2. Discuss Thanksgiving story order-
    Hold up card 1. What is happening in this picture? Why?
    Read words to story and remind children ëbecause of this event, this other event happened. Before, after concept and conflict resolution.
  3. Why did the Pilgrims leave England?
    Where did they go? How did they get there?
    What happened next?
    Ask open-ended questions to allow children the opportunity to think and share ideas.
  4. Who can raise their hand and tell me what happened at the end of the story?
  5. Talk about cornucopia- Horn of Plenty. Discuss how a good harvest was very important to Pilgrims and Indians. What would you put in your cornucopia that is important to you?
  6. Read story Sarah Morton's Day by Kate Walters.
    a. stop on page 5-churn butter.
    whisper-who knows what Sarah is doing in this picture?

    After story discussion-
  7. We are going to make our own cornbread and butter today.
    Raise your hand if you have ever made cornbread or butter before? Show me a big smile if you think it is good. Maybe some of you could help us follow directions and think of ingredients.
  8. Tell students Iím looking for girls and boys who are sitting quietly and I will call on you to help me make cornbread in the art corner.
    Explain recipe for making cornbread with children to whole group.
    What do you think would happen if we used an entire carton of milk? Do you think our muffins would taste good?
    1. Give each child or two children a job to be responsible for.
      1 person- pour 1/3 cup of milk.
      1 person- crack egg.
      1 person- break egg into bowl
      1 person open cornbread mix
      1 person pour in mix.
      All children take turns stirring and teacher pours batter into cupcake tins.
      In between groups, take cornbread batter down to oven at 400.
      Repeat until there are enough muffins for each child.
      When children are finished making batter, they can use a spoon to taste it, wash hands and go to another activity.
    2. Show plastic jar 1/2 filled with heavy cream. Explain and demonstrate for the children that in order to have a turn making butter, you need to sit on rug and wait patiently.
      You need to shake the jar with both hands for a few minutes and then let the person waiting after you have a turn.
      Discuss how constant motion of cream is whipped into butter. Check on cream jar periodically making sure itís getting thicker at whip cream stage. Have plastic spoons for each child to taste at whip cream level. Put jar in refrigerator until the next day.
    3. When children are finished with the cooking activities, they should be working on coloring in their Thanksgiving stories and putting them in order. When you think your book is complete, bring it to Ms. Breeze or I and we will help you put it together.
    4. Eat cornbread and butter for snack the following day. Call 3 people to come up at a time to eat muffins.


  1. Were the children paying attention and listening to others?
  2. Did they understand ordinal number sequence, first, second... and were they able to demonstrate sequence instruction with their group when we made cornbread and butter.
  3. Did the children demonstrate social skills, cooperation and sharing with others throughout activities?
  4. Did my students participate in our story discussion and cooking activity and were they able to understand that when the Pilgrims and Indians were hungry, they had to make their own food, rather than going to a grocery store to buy it.

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