Mini-Unit On Pigs

Lesson Plans:

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Literature Center

Lesson topic/subject: Literature Center
Grade level: 1/2
Teacher of the lesson: Kelly Pelak


  1. Students will be able to explore various types of literature about pigs.
  2. Students will be able to reflect and record what they learned through their reading.
Materials: Procedures:
  1. To prepare for this lesson, visit the local libraries and school library and check out a wide variety of books on pigs. This literature should include a wide variety of ability levels as well as a variety of genres. Place the books in special crates or tubs and have them out on the table for this center.
  2. Begin the lesson by book-talking a few of your favorite selections. Briefly describe what they are about and try to captivate the students in your descriptions. Then tell the students that they are to choose a book and sit either with a friend, a teacher, or by themselves and read a book of their choice. Explain to the children that there are several types of books in the tubs-- they can choose to read whichever one they want. Because the books range in readability, some students may need help while others may be comfortable reading independently.
  3. If children are willing, encourage a group of students to join you on the rug and read a story aloud to them.
  4. Once children have read a book or gotten a good start into a longer book, hand out the book report forms. One is designed for fiction stories, while the other is designed for nonfiction (informational) books.
  5. Have children fill in their reports to the best of their ability. Then allow them to create a pig background for their completed work. (see model) Remind students that they can only make a pig background if their work is done. If time allows, encourage children to read additional books. However, they can only make another pig background if they have read and completed a second book report.
  6. Hang the students' work up around the room.
  1. Did every child get an opportunity to either read or have a book about pigs read to them during this work period?
  2. Were the children able to answer general questions about the books they read? Did they comprehend the material covered in the books?

Were children actively involved in this center? Did children enjoy the books at this center? Were there books at the center to meet everyone’s needs? Did they learn through their reading about either the characters in the stories or general information about pigs?

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