Teacher of lesson: Megan Matthys
Lesson Topic/Subject: Introducing doll
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Estimated Time: 25 minutes





Introduction/Anticipatory Set

  1. Explain to the students that you have a new friend for them to meet. Her name is Vera and she is blind. When introducing Vera, follow the ideas which are on the attached script.
  2. Make sure to have Vera tell the students that she enjoys swimming and she can even jump off the high board! This will help the students begin to understand that they might have things in common with Vera even though she is blind.

Sequence of Instruction

  1. After introducing Vera, ask the students if they have any questions they would like to ask Vera.
  2. Answer the questions the students ask Vera in her voice. If students don't really have any questions, ask some of your own that will help them learn more about what it might be like to be blind.


  1. Explain to the students that Vera will be staying in the classroom for the next couple of weeks. They should feel free to play with Vera and to help make her feel comfortable in their classroom. Remind them that it will be important for them to not leave things lying in the middle of the floor when Vera is here visiting, because she might trip over them.


  1. Students will express their interest in learning more about Vera, by asking her questions which will help them understand what it might be like to be blind.
  2. Students will learn that Vera enjoys doings things that they enjoy by listening to her talk about how she likes to go swimming and jump off the high diving board.  


  1. If students are not as interested as you would like, try to include them in the conversation with Vera by asking them if anyone enjoys the same things Vera does?


  1. Have students do role playing activities involving Vera.


  1. Was I able to get the students interested in Vera?
  2. How did the students react to the lesson?
  3. Did the students play with Vera later in the day?
  4. What would I change the lesson in the future?

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