Teacher of lesson: Megan Matthys
Lesson Topic/Subject: Introducing doll
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Estimated Time: 25 minutes





Introduction/Anticipatory Set

  1. Explain to the students that you have two new friends for them to meet today. The first new friendÕs name is Mario and their other new friend is Clara. When introducing Mario and Clara, follow the ideas which are on the attached scripts.
  2. Make sure to have Mario tell the students that he is an expert kite flyer, he enjoys cooking with his dad, he likes to watch the Illini, and his favorite cartoon is "Transformers". Also, make sure Clara tells the students that she loves ice cream, Amelia Bedelia books, and country music. By doing this, the students will begin to understand that they might have things in common with Mario and Clara even though they may look different.

Sequence of Instruction

  1. First introduce Mario, have him tell some things about himself, and then ask the students if they have any questions they would like to ask Mario.
  2. Answer the questions the students ask Mario in his voice. If students don't really have any questions, ask some of your own that will help them learn more about what it might be like to have an artificial leg.
  3. Go through the same process with Clara when you are done introducing Mario. Have Clara share with the students her favorite Amelia Bedelia book.


  1. Explain to the students that Mario and Clara will be staying in the classroom for the next couple of weeks. They should feel free to play with Mario and Clara, and they should help make them feel comfortable in their classroom. Tell the students that they might want to find an Amelia Bedelia book for Clara when they go to the library, or they might want to try to make a kite to use with Mario.


  1. Students will express their interest in learning more about Mario and Clara by asking them questions which will help them understand what it might be like to have an artificial leg or to be in a wheelchair.
  2. Students will learn that Mario and Clara enjoy doing things that they enjoy by listening to Mario talk about how he likes to fly kites, and watch "Transformers," cook with his dad, and watch the Illini. They will listen to Clara discuss how she loves ice cream, Amelia Bedilia books, and country music.


  1. If students are not as interested as you would like, try to include them in the conversation with Mario and Clara by asking them to also share some of their favorite things to do. Does anyone enjoy the same things Mario and Clara enjoy?
  2. If the students are not comfortable with asking the dolls questions, model it for them, asking your own questions that will include the important information you want them to learn.


  1. Have students do role playing activities involving Mario and Clara.


  1. Was I able to get the students interested in Mario and Clara?
  2. How did the students react to the lesson?
  3. Did the students play with Mario and Clara later in the day?
  4. What would I change the lesson in the future?

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