Teacher of lesson: Megan Matthys
Lesson Topic/Subject: Language Arts
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Estimated Time: 30 minutes 





Introduction /Anticipatory Set

  1. Call students over to carpet and get everyoneÕs attention.
  2. Tell students you would like them to think about their trip to PACE. Ask them what things they saw that surprised them. What did they enjoy seeing the most? What was something they learned that they never knew before? What kinds of things did the kindergartners see the college students with handicaps doing that they like to do also? etc.
  3. After giving the students a lot of time to share about their experience, explain to them that since they have seemed to learn so much, you would like them to create a class book that other people can read to learn from.

Sequence of Instruction

  1. Tell students that you would like each of them to draw a picture which shows something that they learned while they were on the field trip.
  2. Explain to them that as they are drawing their picture they should be thinking about what sentence or sentences they would like to write to describe their picture. Tell them that you will be walking around with post-its and when they are ready, they can ask you to write the sentence or sentences they want on the post-it for them to look at as they write.
  3. Tell students that when everyone is finished they are going to take their pages to the carpet and share their picture and read what they wrote to the class.
  4. Explain that you really want the students to take their time and do their best work because you are going to put all of the pages into one book which they can share with the other kindergarten classes.
  5. After you have given all of the instructions, hand out a piece of white paper to each student and tell them to find a good place to work.


  1. When students finish their pages have them practice reading their page to you, then allow them to have free time.
  2. Start clean up time early enough so that the students will have time to join at the carpet before lunch to share their pages.
  3. Ask for volunteers to come up and share their picture and read their sentences.
  4. Tell students that soon they will see all of these pages put together in one book and they can read it whenever they want.


  1. Students will express what they learned on the field trip by sharing with the class what they found to be most interesting, something they learned that they never knew before, or anything that surprised them.
  2. Students will take their time and do their best work at creating a picture to go in the class book which depicts something they saw at the PACE center.
  3. Students will dictate at least one sentence to me, which they will then copy down onto their pages correctly.
  4. Students will successfully read their pages to the class and tell about their pictures after practicing with me individually first.


  1. If students are taking a lot of time on their pictures, allow them to continue working on them as long as they need, and have the students share as they get finished.
  2. Maybe only have about 5 kids share at one time or share on a different day. It might be too long of a period for all of them to be sitting.
  3. It might be a good idea to allow students who have a difficult time writing a full sentence dictate one to you while you type it on the computer for them.


  1. When the book is put together, read the finished product to the class.
  2. When journal helpers come in, have students read their book to them. Each student can come and read their own page.


  1. How did the students respond to the lesson?
  2. Did I expect too much from the kindergartners?
  3. Did I communicate the directions clearly?
  4. What would I change in the future?

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