Teacher of lesson: Megan Matthys
Lesson Topic/Subject:
Kids on the Block Puppets
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Estimated Time: 45 minutes





Introduction/Anticipatory Set

  1. Before the puppet show people come, explain to the students the fun event you have planned for them. Tell the students that they are going to have guests come to their room and put on a puppet show which will be about kids with disabilities. They will need to be a polite and attentive audience.
  2. When the guests arrive, have everyone stop what they are doing and have a seat on the carpet. Make sure the students sit in a place where they can be good listeners.
  3. Introduce the students to their guests and allow them to begin their show.

Sequence of Instruction

  1. The people putting on the puppet show will first introduce their puppets which all have different disabilities, and then they will put on short little skits which demonstrate how to be a good friend to a person with a disability and show how people with disabilities might feel in certain situations.
  2. There will be times during the puppet show where audience participation will be requested. Encourage students to participate in an appropriate manner. 3. The puppet show will last for about 30 to 40 minutes. When it is over, have the students thank their guests for such a wonderful show, and then have them get ready for Friday Free For All.


  1. When students return from Friday Free For All, have them come to the carpet to discuss the puppet show. Ask the students if they thought it was entertaining. Ask them if they learned anything new. Would they suggest the puppet show to their friends in the other classes? Why?


  1. Students will be introduced to issues about people with disabilities in an interesting format by watching a puppet show put on by Kids on the Block. They will demonstrate that their attention has been captured by being an attentive and polite audience.
  2. Students will participate and interact in the puppet show when asked to by offering their opinions about how the puppets might feel in certain situations, or by offering their ideas for solutions to certain problems.
  3. Students will demonstrate what they learned from the puppet show by discussing their favorite parts and how they felt about the performance.


  1. Was the material presented in the puppet show appropriate for kindergartners?
  2. How did the students react to the show?
  3. What would I change in the future?

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